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Cockatoo's Complete Meltdown After Mom Feeds Her Broccoli Is Too Funny To Miss

Some species of animals can get pretty particular about their food, and apparently Cockatoos aren't any different. In a new TikTok video that was shared by @pennythecockatoo, Penny (the Cockatoo) has a total meltdown after realizing mom snuck some broccoli into her peas and corn.

The clip is picking up steam after being uploaded a few hours ago, and we honestly cannot stop cracking up over this irate birds. There's text treatment on the video to help everyone understand what Penny is saying to her mom. Let's just say that she isn't shy about voicing her displeasure, and she even threw a nice expletive in there for good measure.

Have you stopped laughing yet? OMG! Guess Penny knows exactly what she wants and doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with her food. The bit with her "shaking her head in disgust" after her little rant was priceless, too. Everyone is getting such a chuckle out of Penny's outburst. @Ashley said, "Oh Penny!!! You are the best when I need that pick me up!! Love you and your sweet mama 🥰." Another commenter, @Lovely Lady felt the bird's pain, saying, "The audacity of humans." LOL, right?

And then @Lisa Porter said what a lot of us are thinking after watching this video. "This is my spirit animal 🥰." This is exactly how most people feel when the kitchen messes up their food at a restaurant, right?

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Something tells us Penny's mom will think twice about trying to serve her broccoli again. And if she does? She'd better be prepared to hear Penny's two cents about it.

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