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Video of Corgi Desperately Paddling Upstream Has Meme Written All Over It

There are some adventurous dogs out there who love running with their owners, hiking, or even swimming. But it turns out some dogs are built better for nature than others. Although, we can't blame the ones who aren't cut out for it. It's not their fault they have little legs! 

In a TikTok video posted by @failing_full_circle, one little Corgi is using all of her might to not float down stream. The adorable clip has over 11.3 million views and 2.9 million likes. The woman recording the video throws a stick to her one dog before realizing the Corgi, Muffin, is slowly floating again. (Disclaimer: Little Muffin is completely fine!)

"The way I CACKLED when I saw that little loaf of bread floating off," laughed @Laney. We had no idea that was going to happen! Yes, it was scary at first, but her little face was so happy and she was trying so hard to swim to her mom! It had us more freaked out than Muffin! "Me stressed: 🤬🤯 Muffin stressed: 🙂," said @Holly Woods and @tubiemomma added, "Muffins like I AM SWIMMING BUT I HAVE TINY LEGS 😂." 

We love this video because it depicts our normal life. @Linsey Sutton said, "If this isn't an accurate representation of me trying to make it through this week, I don’t know what is," and @billnyes_wifey said "Me trying to be an adult and survive life 😂 just paddling and going no where haha." Muffin is totally going to be a new meme and our reminder to just keep swimming!

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You're probably thinking her mom should keep Muffin away from the water, but it turns out this little Corgi swims often! @failing_full_circle wrote in the comments, "Muffin swims all the time! It probably doesn’t hurt that her best friend is a Lab 😅. This is our river and they’re out there every day!" In another comment, she said Muffins floats down the river on purpose sometimes! You do you, Muffin!

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