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Dachshund's Major Case of Static Is Way Too Cute to Resist

Especially this time of year, we all get a case of static cling from time to time, but just wait until you see how bad this Dachshund pup got it! The TikTok video of the little dog's super static-y ears is going viral with 1.7 million views, which isn't surprising, given just how cute he is!

In the clip, you'll see him roll over on the couch, and when he gets back up, you'll see the hair on his ears sticking out like it's totally out of control!

Too funny, right?! The best part was how he looked up at the camera like, "What? Why in the heck are you staring at me like that?"

Commenters are loving this sweet little guy's funny look. @Desi DragonEgg has the perfect response with, "The static is real." And @jamieevans346 added, "It would be great if it stayed that way all the time 😂." Then there was @Michi, who thinks that the static makes the pup look more like a speech, saying, "Lion fish in disguise 😂." Aww. He really does kind of resemble a lion fish, doesn't he?

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A few people also thanked the video poster for giving them such a good laugh. Sometimes it really doesn't take more than a tiny pup with a static problem to make someone's day and put a smile on their face.

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