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Dachshund Politely Waits to Taste McDonald's Hash Brown in Precious Video

It's no question that dogs love getting any nibble they can of human food. They go crazy when you offer them a bite because any little piece is better than their best treats. And oftentimes, their excitement leads to them almost biting our fingers off. But that doesn't stop us, does it? Of course not! We just love seeing them happy! 

In a TikTok video posted by @ellalouisedean, a precious Dachshund is hopeful to get a little bite of a treat. His mom is eating a McDonald's hash brown and slowly brings it closer to him, saying to only take a little bite. He looks hesitant at first, but when he does go for it, he is the most gentle thing! "Mr. Gentle," @ellalouisedean calls him in the caption. We wish our dogs were this calm! 

We think Mr. Gentle deserves another bite! He's too cute! "I would simply *INHALE* the potatoes," commented @Betsythedachsund. How could you not?! @Looby67 wrote, "My boy would demolish the whole thing in one second 😂." 

Turns out a lot of people's dogs would not be as gentle as this little guy! @Jack Stocker said, "I got a little boy, Dash, and he would have almost taken my fingers off if I did this 😅," and @traceyturnip added, "My Dachsie would have your hand off 😂." 

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But it turns out Mr. Gentle isn't like this all the time! The creator replied in the comments, "Haha, sometimes he does if he’s so excited and he knows it’s his treat. But when it’s my food, he always goes slow to double check that it’s ok to eat😂." Well, he has to be on his best behavior to get human food! But we'd also love to see how he is with his own treat, too.

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