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Dad's 'Mini Living Room' for His Dachshunds Is Nicer Than Most People's Houses

Um, so have you heard about the guy on TikTok who built a mini living room in his house for his three Dachshunds? His account is @worldsbestdogdad, and he's been showing off the miniature space for well over a year now. Until you actually see it, you can't truly appreciate the detail he put into this luxurious doggie living room. Quite honestly, it's nicer than most human living rooms. 

In a new video that he uploaded this week, he gave a close-up of the room so his followers could see all of the mini details. You guys? These pups have their own couches. A TV. There's artwork on the walls. Plants. A fireplace. Even a papasan chair, for crying out loud.

Seriously, are you even believing this? These pampered pooches have no idea just how good they have it! (Or do they?) Needless to say, people are beyond impressed with the level of detail that this dude put into building this room. One commenter, @liv said, "My brain has such a hard time comprehending the size of this stuff 😅. Could you film a video standing in the room?" And @Pepper Fan added, "The dogs' living room is nicer than mine 😏." @MarilynMonroe007 adores the room too, saying, "Love the water pic. Looks just like you’re looking into the sea. This room is beyond stunning."

And there's one very specific detail that you might have missed that @Mikado picked up on: "I just realized the reason why u use yellow and blue is because those are the colors dogs see 💀🤌🏻." WOW. This guy really is the world's best dog dad.

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Get this one -- he even decorates the room for Christmas, complete with its own little tree, and Home Alone playing on the TV! OMG.

After seeing just how elaborate this room is, we only have one question: Does he do decorating for adult-sized rooms? He could have a whole side hustle going, here.

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