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Singer Debbie Gibson Has an Emotional Airport Reunion With Her Dachshund

Our pets miss us so much when we're away, and it's so difficult for us to be apart from them, too! After returning from a trip, singer Debbie Gibson was greeted by her little Dachshund at the airport, and the video of the reunion might just be the sweetest thing you'll see all day. What makes it even more emotional is the fact that Debbie recently lost her mom, so you can only imagine how touched she was to see her dog again.

Debbie shared the video on Instagram and captioned it with, "When I arrived after being back East for my Mom's service, I was greeted by THIS! Hope it makes you smile as much as me! ❤️" Oh, and it will. The pure excitement this precious pup has after seeing his mom waiting for him is enough to melt even the coldest heart.

Aww! Covered in puppy kisses! There's really nothing better. Debbie's followers couldn't get over just how sweet the clip is, and the post has tons of comments. @nashvillehumane reacted with, "HUGE smiles over here! 😍❤️." Then there's @michaellevit_1, who couldn't get enough of Debbie and her dog, saying, "I’ve watched this 10 times! 💜🐾✈️." And @jerrodblandino added, "Omg! This is so cute! Sending you love ❤️."

Debbie actually has three Dachshunds, and she's shared some of her other dog mom moments on Instagram, like in this pic, where she took the pups on a coffee run.

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