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Hero Deputy Rescues Dog From Burning Car in Heart-Stopping Video

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office in Colorado recently shared a video on their Facebook page of one of their deputy's rescuing a dog from a burning car last month. The footage was captured via the officer's body cam and the video is heart-stopping, to say the least.

You'll first see the officer, Deputy Michael Gregorek, pull up to the vehicle, which has smoke pouring out of it. There's a man on the scene who is frantic and lets Gregorek know that there's a dog in the car. The officer immediately starts breaking the windows as the owner desperately tries to help find the pup, who is named Hank. The clip will have you holding your breath to see what happens next. 

Oh my goodness. They got him out of that car just in the nick of time, especially since he had no idea that a dog was in the vehicle before arriving at the scene. 

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People who saw the post on Facebook are praising the deputy in the comments, as everyone realizes just how close Hank came to not being rescued from the car. He was clearly in a great state of distress before they were able to pull him out, so it's hard to image what might have happened if the officer had showed up just a few seconds later.

One commenter, Lynne Gale, praised Gregorek, saying, "Wow, what a wonderful happy ending! Great job, Deputy! You brought tears to every dog lover's eyes with this rescue!"

Another fan, Tegan Raley, recognized him and added, "I went to high school with him! He’s always been a great guy! Nice job, Mikey!"

And Heidi Williams pointed out that he put the dog's safety ahead of his own, noting, "HERO HERO HERO!!!! I have MUCH respect for you! This is a side of police work that most don't see. You did LITERALLY put your life in danger ( car could have blown up!) And for that I applaud you!!! Thank you for all you do!😇"

How wonderful, too, that one of the neighbors just so happened to be a veterinarian and was able to take a look at Hank to make sure he was ok. It sounds like Hank certainly has a caring community around him, and we're so glad to hear that he was back to being his playful self in no time! 

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