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Dog Hilariously Refuses to Go After His Toy Because the Cat Is Staring Him Down

There's always one person who runs the household. The one who calls the shots and gets their way. And the best part is, it's usually the smallest ones. You know what they say, small but mighty. Oh sorry, we meant fierce for this cat named Spooky. 

In a TikTok clip posted by @esepinchechuy that reads "Ru vs. Spooky," you can see Spooky is calling the shots as Ru dog is too scared to retrieve his dog toy. (Sound familiar?) The dog is crying and trying to tip toe his way over there, but this fierce cat is standing in the way. Can you guess who wins this battle? 

Poor pup was too scared to even try!! To be fair, Spooky was very, well, spooky. "The cat telepathically telling him she’ll end it all if he steps one foot in the room," wrote @Rachel William. The creator responded by saying, "😂 She don’t mess around!" How can we get this telepathic power? Because we'd like to control who has to cook dinner each night LOL. 

It also seems like Spooky was urging Ru on. "Cat: 'Yeah, get your toy'😈," said one user. No matter how much she urged him on, from all his crying you can tell that he didn't go for the toy. He probably learned the hard way before! The creator said, "He would never dare with Spooky 😅." 

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And for those of you wondering if Ru ever got his toy, he did! Luckily the creator's friend came out of the bathroom, picked it up and gave it to Ru. Hopefully, Ru is a little more careful where the toy lands next time because he won't always have someone to get it back for him!  

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