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Dog's Blatant Annoyance Over Houseguests Is All Too Relatable

Oh man. Is there anything worse than when you have houseguests visiting, and they just won't leave? If you know the feeling, then just wait until you get a load of this dog who is annoyed because there are still people at the house even though it's late. The video of the pup was shared on TikTok by @medrelatable, and it has over 3.8 million views, thanks to how the pup isn't even trying to hide her frustration.

The text on the video reads, "My sister's dog is pissed there's people over past her bedtime." OMG. Who else has exactly the same reaction when people overstay their welcome? This is totally spot on.

LOL. Girl is like, "If they don't get out of my house right now, I'm seriously going to lose my s***."

People were quick to jump into the comments to talk about how much they can relate to the pup's irritation. Some had their guesses about what the dog is thinking. @Carozi 14 said, "She is about to take the broom out and start cleaning." And @April Bache added, "She's gotta work in the morning, y'all."

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Even @weratedogs chimed in with this gem, "An Irish goodbye is acceptable in this situation." For those who aren't familiar, this is when you just duck out and leave a party without saying goodbye. (Pretty sure this dog was just seconds away from doing that.)

The creator of the video loved this particular comment from @KimDAN: "My sister’s cat will take your purse to the door when he’s ready for you to leave! He ain’t got time for your mess- TIME TO GO! 😂."

Of course, now, we're all wondering just how long it took these people to pack up and head out after this video was made. Hopefully, they swiftly got the message after seeing this hilarious pup's face! 

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