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German Shepherd Gets Annoyed With the Family Cat and Hilarity Ensues

Can't dogs and cats just get along? Sometimes they can, and sometimes, well, one of them just isn't into what the other one is doing. And after one German Shepherd tried to say an (ahem) adorable, dog-typical, yet personal hello to the family cat, he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for from the feline. The dog and cat's mom caught the interaction on video, and she can't stop laughing at the dog's clever response to the cat.

The video was shared on TikTok by @josiekjemhus, and it's already sitting at 1.4 million views. These two might not be the best of friends, but they way they interact is pretty darn entertaining, to say the least! Captioned with, "Sometimes he's just too smart," wait until you see what this German Shepherd does to voice his annoyance with the cat. 

OMG! Clearly, the pup was not amused that the cat wasn't interested in him "saying hello," but it's the look on the cat's face and the way it just sat there staring after the dog knocked over the pillow makes this video irresistible.

TikTok users are getting such a kick out of this dynamic duo. @Mimadre2.0 said, "Cat's like, SEE! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT!! I’m not the problem, HE IS!! 😻." @Kelly added, "I love how the cat just looks at you like you had a hand in it." Another commenter, @russwhitaker159 chimed in with, "You could tell the cat was ready to give him the slapity slap, and the dog saw it too and went, 'Oh yeah!!'"

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Fans of The Office will totally appreciate this reaction from @Mittens Burner: "That cat looked into the camera like Dwight after getting got by Jim." (LOL! Best. Comment. EVER.)

We'd sure love to see more of this pair's funny antics as time goes on. Maybe the success of this clip will inspire their mom to make more videos? 

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