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Dog and Cat Cruising Along in Mini Jeep Delight Stunned Onlookers

Don't you love seeing dogs poke their heads out of car windows and their ears flapping in the wind? You almost always have to point it out to whoever you're in the car with because well, how couldn't you?! It can't help but make you smile. Now, how about a dog actually driving a car? That's something you absolutely have to point it out and grab a quick picture of if you can, right

There are two adorable pets that keep being spotted in a mini electric Jeep riding down the streets with the top down. The TikTok clip posted by @coolcatlou has over 3 million views, and everyone is obsessing! In the video, you can see people stopping in their tracks to watch the dog roll around in style with a little cat sidekick. Their ride is all decked out and their clothes rock the latest fashion. 

Everyone's faces were in complete shock! Well, none of them have probably ever seen a dog driving before! The dog is so confident as he reverses and continues on his route. Meanwhile, the cat is looking at everyone, enjoying the ride and thinking, "I'm better than all of you!" 

@Ally said, "Probably a better driver than I am." Honestly, that dog is better than half the people on the road! "When gas is $4 so you train the dog to go to the store," joked @RaaawJari_. They do have an electric car so it must be saving some money! 

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"Furry & the furious," added @Eva & Ranger. We want to see that movie! Or all nine of those movies! Even the official TikTok account of @Jeep commented on the video saying, "Gotta teach him to Jeep wave next 👋." Maybe this duo will be in the next Jeep commercial! Talk about new celebrity status! 

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