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Injured Dog Checks Himself Into the Animal Hospital

There are dogs out there who are pretty smart and can follow commands and do all sorts of cool tricks, but one pup in South Africa just took canine intelligence to a whole new level. After suffering bite wounds on his neck, this super sharp dog took himself straight to the animal hospital to get help. He showed up at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA all by himself, where the staff proceeded to take him in and give him the care he needed. 

The group shared his photo on Twitter explaining that he showed up at their facility without a human in tow. 

What a clever little guy! The SPCA is now referring to the pup as "Rio," so presumably, one of the staff members gave him the name after his arrival. It's a good thing he showed up at the hospital when he did. According to CapeTownEtc, the SPCA staff were just getting ready to close up shop and head home for the weekend. They were reportedly "speechless" that he managed to find the one place nearby where people could help him. 

Rio's injuries were treated with antibiotics, and while he isn't microchipped and no one has come to claim him, there is hope that he'll be adopted and finally have his forever family since he passed all of his clinical and behavior assessments.

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The SPCA used the hashtag #DontLoseYourLove in their tweet about Rio for a specific reason, and that's to encourage owners to get their pets microchipped. In a statement on their website, they explained that 90% of animals who arrive there and are processed through their system don't have any sort of identification. The site also included this plea to pet owners: "#DontLoseYourLove this February and have your animal companion microchipped today."

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