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Yellow Lab Dances 'Like a Horse' in an Effort to Get Treats From the Neighbors

It's no big secret that dogs love their treats, and some of them will do whatever it takes to get one! One Yellow Labrador in particular has figured out a funny way to obtain treats from his neighbors each day, and it's pretty darn adorable, to say the least. In a TikTok video shared by @labradoggerz, you'll see the pup head over to the house next door in search of something tasty. With nearly a million views, people are loving the clip.

The text on the video reads, "My dog constantly goes to the neighbor's and dances like a horse for treats." And lo and behold, he does just that. Check out his fancy footwork. He really does resemble a horse trotting around!

OMG. Too cute, right? He's clearly so excited about his impending treats when he goes into his little trot-like dance. People are loving this sweet pup's routine. One TikTok user, @tuckerbudzyn said, "You know you’re a pro when you can even get the neighbors to give you treats 😂." And @agirlsnameiskt added, "I cannot express how much serotonin it would give me to have a tippy toe-in boi at my door for snacks." Um, we could all get behind having this pup show up at our doors, too.

Then there was @Jenny Mount, who said, "Oh my God, that's the most fun, I would be like, 'He's here for his treat, he's here for his treat!' I love this."

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This dog's owners really are lucky to have such wonderful and kind people living right next door to them. And something tells us it's the highlight of the neighbors' day to have their very own horse-like-dancing-pup who's always so eager to see them!

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