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Dog Destroys Dad's Down Sleeping Bag and the Aftermath Is Nothing Short of Epic

Ohhhhh man. Dogs can be pretty mischievous sometimes, can't they? Wait until you see what happened after a dog that appears to be a Chocolate Lab named Indy got a hold of her dad's down sleeping bag while he was out of the house.

The video was shared on TikTok by @jny1489. To say that the feathers leftover after the sleeping bag exploded created a huge mess is the understatement of the year, if not the century. In the clip, you'll see Indy sitting in her crate, knowing she did something wrong, and her owner narrating the scene in total disbelief.

OMG. Somebody get this dude a Shop Vac, or something! There's no way an ordinary vacuum cleaner would be able to pick up all those feathers. People can't believe just how much destruction this sweet pup managed to cause. One user asked, "Are you sure it was her?, and another commenter, @amel joked, "As her lawyer... she is innocent. No video recording... no punishment. 😌." @ShelleyB added, "Sir… she absolutely DID NOT. She’s locked in a crate. 😂" And @jehn723 added, "She made her own snow globe! 😂."

For anyone who is curious, this guy posted a follow-up video, and apparently he still doesn't even know where to begin in terms of cleaning up the mess.

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Good luck, dude. (Might want to think about getting some other kind of filling than down for your next sleeping bag.)

And if you were concerned that the dog somehow could've been harmed by chewing up the sleeping bag, don't worry. After a trip to the vet to ensure she didn't swallow any feathers, Indy's dad is pleased to report she's in good health.

This adorable gal might have made a huge mess, but she more than makes up for it with her fun, playful disposition!

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