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Little Dog Is Found Grieving for His Late Owner in the Most Heartbreaking Way

Pets are just as devastated as we are when their loved ones pass on, and honestly, it might be even harder for them since they don't understand what's happening. A new TikTok video of a little Australian Terrier who just lost his mom is going viral, all because of the way he was found grieving her loss.

The clip was shared by @almostcoolmom and has 1.7 million views, and to say that people's hearts are breaking after watching it is an understatement. The creator of the video has just lost her mom, who happened to be this sad little pup's mom, too. The text on the video reads, "He had me in tears. You may want to grab tissues too." (We highly advise doing so before watching this.)

Can you even believe how sad this is? That poor little baby. He just keeps wandering into the garage, hoping that maybe, just maybe, he'll find his beloved human sitting in her favorite chair waiting for him. In the comments, the woman who took the video explains, "It actually had just been a few days since her funeral, but over a week since she passed away."

People are so upset by how devastated this sweet dog is, and several commenters noted that their hearts absolutely broke when he looked up at the chair as if to ask, "Where's my mom?"

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After several TikTok users expressed their heartfelt sympathy and concern for the pup, some of them offered suggestions for ways to help ease the transition for him. The creator reassured everyone that the family is giving the pup plenty of love and added, "Don’t worry, we are doing much to comfort him. He sleeps on her old blanket. We also have her bed in my daughter’s old room.🥰❤️‍🩹"

It sounds like this family is doing everything they can to let this little guy know just how adored he is. There's no doubt that his mom is smiling down on him from above, and she'd be so happy to know that he's safe and sound with people who love him.

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