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Dog Has the Saddest Response to Hearing Her Dad's Voice on Ring Camera

We all know that our pets miss us when we're gone, but one guy didn't realize just how much his dog hates when he leaves home until he started talking to her on the Ring camera. The video of the sad, lonely pup was uploaded to TikTok by @matt.50, and it's actually pretty heartbreaking to watch.

The text on the video reads, "Talking to my dog through my Ring when I'm on vacation." (Let's just go ahead and assume that someone had come over to let the dog outside and she wasn't all alone.) As the clip begins, you'll hear the owner say, "What's up, baby?" And immediately, the Rottweiler starts letting out the most pitiful howls. 

OMGGGGG. This dude must've felt so bad about being away from home after seeing how she reacted! Any pet owner will admit that leaving our fur babies is incredibly tough, even just for a few hours, but when it's time to go on vacation? Sure, it's nice to travel and get away, but man, leaving pets can feel like leaving kids!

Plenty of people left comments demanding that Matt, the owner, return home right away. Another TikTok user, @Shannon, thought that there was more going on than meets the eye here, saying, "So fun fact. Dogs howl bc they are trying to let you know where they are so that you can come home. (S)He thinks you’re lost 🥺." (Say it isn't so!) Don't worry, though, Matt replied to one comment letting everyone know how much he loves this sweet gal, noting, "She’s my heart 🥰."

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The sweet Rottie's reaction even caught the attention of another pup, with @Jess saying, "My dog is running around my house looking for your dog!! 🥰🥰." 

Aww. We sure hope that Matt wasn't gone for too terribly long and that he greeted her with plenty of kisses as soon as he got home. She must have been so thrilled to see him again!

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