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Dog's Caring Gesture Toward Cat With Brain Disorder Is Moving People to Tears

People can't help but be moved by a video that's picking up steam on Reddit, showing a dog being kind to a cat who has cerebellar hypoplasia. The condition is a brain disorder that's also known as "wobbly cat syndrome," and it causes jerky movements and loss of balance.

In the clip, you'll hear an owner letting her cat know that he left his donut toy in the other room. The cat appears to be almost about to come get the toy, but then the dog starts walking toward the woman to retrieve it. What happens next just might move you to tears.

What an absolute angel! It was obvious that this pup's mom was so touched by the kind gesture toward the cat, and commenters on the video are having the same heartwarming reaction. @Accurate_Sheepherder said, "Omg what a sweet pup!! I've never seen anything like it. And the way he kisses the kitty's head afterwards... I'm not crying. You're crying."

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Another Reddit user, @practical_junket added, "I love hearing the genuine surprise and delight in the Mom’s voice when she realizes what’s happening!" And @druule10 noted, "The cat has their own service dog. This just proves animals have hearts." It certainly does!

This reaction, from @portujules, is just perfect. "Animal relationships are one of the most pure and beautiful. Now, could the good boy get me some tissues, too, please?"

We all need tissues after watching this video! And it was so cute how mom rewarded this good pup with praise and head scratches. But who else thinks this sweet dog deserves their very own donut toy (or toy of his choice) for being such a caring best friend to this cat? (Raises hand.)

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