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Owner Finds Dog in Driver's Seat About to 'Steal' His Truck

LOL. It's always comical when pets exhibit human-like behaviors. But one dude got the shock of his life after coming out of the grocery store to find his Golden Retriever sitting in the driver's seat of his truck -- with the engine running, nonetheless! The video of the clever pup was shared on TikTok by @aguyandagolden, and it's racked up over 250,000 views.

The guy is narrating the video as he walks toward the truck, and you'll hear him explain how he found the dog sitting in the driver's seat after coming out of the grocery store. He then jokes about being scared that the pup, named "Teddy," is going to drive right off and steal his truck.

Does Teddy look like a man (er, dog) on a mission, or what? We'll have to take the owner's word that he really did come out of the store to find Teddy sitting there behind the wheel like a human being and that this video isn't somehow staged. But if the scenario really did go down the way he said, how in the heck did the dog figure out how to start up the truck? 

People are getting a kick out of Teddy's antics and were quick to react in the comments. @Dillon horan suggested, "Get in the passenger seat and tell him, let's go!" And @Tik Toker added, "Bro looking at you like he saying he got places to be." Then @All American Boy chimed in with a real gem-of-an-observation, saying, "He looks like somebody’s parent waiting to pick their child up 😂." Ha!

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Everyone is also loving Teddy's wink at the very end of the video, though it is a bit hard to see. You might have to watch it a few times before you notice it, since there's a shadow on his face that's blocking it. The timing of the wink couldn't be more perfect, though!

Aww, Teddy. Thanks so much for the laugh. We all needed it!

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