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Dog's Intense Dream Has People Guessing What He's Dreaming About

If you've ever wondered, "Do dogs dream?", the answer is yes, and believe it or not, dogs can even have nightmares. One pup in particular is living proof of that some doggie dreams are a bit more intense than others. A TikTok video of a dog having what appears to be a vivid dream was posted by @animalsdoingthings, and the clip already has over 1 million views.

You'll see the dog, which looks to be a Yellow Lab, snorting, quivering, and snoring with his tongue out, all while baring his teeth. The question of what this dog is actually dreaming about is getting the video a ton of attention, and people are flooding the comments with their guesses.

So, what do you think is going through this pup's sleeping head? Is he chasing cars? Or going after other dogs? Or is he possibly reliving an unwanted trip to the vet?

TikTok users weighed in with their two cents as to what his dreams are all about, and a lot of the guesses center around food. @Aw123 guessed, "I don’t want broccoli." And @Mother of fire thought another food was involved, saying, "Lemons… definitely dreaming of lemons." The food theme continued with @Liv adding, "Why is it spicy?" @Amy Liz guessed, "Broccoli or Brussels Sprouts."

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Some are guessing that another animal was involved, like @Makenzie, who said, "A cat licked his face 😳." And @Bruno Cardillo thought a cat was part of the scenario as well, saying, "Being kissed by a cat." @Hank and Johnny thought he might be chasing rabbits, however.

But while the general consensus is that the dog was indeed reacting to a dream, some commenters were concerned that the pup could potentially be having a mild seizure and advised his owner to get him examined by the veterinarian just to be sure there's nothing serious going on, which is wise advice. Whenever anything out of the norm is happening with a pet, it's always best to consult a vet.

Hopefully, this guy will check out ok and will get much more restful slumbers from here on out! 

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