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Shaun White's Insane GoPro Skiing Video Interrupted by His Girlfriend's Dog

Man. Shaun White might have retired from professional skiing, but he clearly doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. Yesterday, he shared a video on TikTok that was taken with a GoPro camera on one of his recent runs, and as heart-stopping as the footage is, it's kind of hard to concentrate on his fancy moves, given that his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev's, dog decided to interrupt him in the background.

As you'll see in the clip, Shaun is just sitting there watching the video while scarfing down a burrito, when Nina's pup, Maverick, chimes in from the other room.

Who knows what Maverick was barking at, but fans sure loved hearing Nina call for her in the distance! @Bree Jeub said, "Maverick and Nina in the background 🥺😍." And @Nikki Caine added, "Lol with Nina in the background telling the dog to hush 😂." Then @ittybittybetts chimed in with, "Please, Shaun, we all know Maverick is the real star of the show… let her shine." Haha! So true.

And when @GoPro asked, "Is the dog cute at least?", Shaun replied with, "Yes." He might have been keeping things more subdued here, but make no mistake, he's just as in love with Maverick as he is with Nina.

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Just look at these two!

And how about this shot of the two of them cuddling in bed? Nina has some pretty stiff competition...

Aww. There's really nothing that seals the deal on a relationship like your boyfriend being good to your dog. Looks like both Maverick and Nina are two very lucky ladies! 

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