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Dog's Jealous Reaction to His Brother Playing With a Ball Is Totally Extra

Jealousy is a normal feeling. We've all been there from time to time. Children especially get jealous when a friend or sibling is playing with their favorite toy. Young ones are supposed to learn the importance of sharing, but that's easier said than done. The question is, can dogs feel jealous, too? 

That sounds like a silly question, but just wait until you see this TikTok video from @d.l.andrade. The clip shows Tobi, a Miniature Schnauzer, shaking with anger while he watches his younger sibling play with his ball. You can see the jealousy brewing inside of him! And based off the caption in the video, this isn't the first time Tobi became upset with sharing his toy. Can someone please get this boy his own ball now?!

Now, before you feel bad that Tobi doesn't have a toy, his mom wrote in the comments, "Tobi has multiple. He doesn’t want his brother to have ANY and is dramatic. He shakes if he’s not getting attention." Sounds like he's just very protective over what's his! 

But we can't help but still love Tobi and his furiousness. @Lauren Hyson commented, "Shakin wit ✨rage✨." He really was shaking to his core! @Jonesy added, "Brother has ball. Tobi: *trying to explode him with his mind*." Ha! That's one way to try and get the ball back. Talk about manifesting! "About to erupt," said @mattsuenotalapdog, or as @Ohyeah7687 pointed out, "He’s turning into the Hulk." Better give him the ball back before it is absolute chaos in the house. 

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@Kay Mason said, "If Tobi was a person, he'd yell at children on his lawn." OMG. We see it! "As Tobi's Mom, I can confirm," @d.l.andrade responded. 

We understand you, Tobi! But don't worry, there are plenty more toys in the house for you to keep for yourself. 

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