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Dog's Impressive Attempt to Get Pizza Off the Counter Wins the Internet

Who doesn't love a nice, hot, slice of fresh pizza? It's one of those foods that's universally loved, even by dogs, apparently! (Well, they love pretty much all table scraps.) When one pet parent recently left a slice of Little Caesars pizza sitting on the counter, her dog couldn't resist trying to go after it. The only problem was, this is a small pup, so it's not like she could just put her paws up on the counter and grab it. Still, there's no way she was about to give up on trying.

The video of the dog's attempt to get to the pizza was shared on TikTok by @shelbydaisymurray, and it's honestly a wonder that it hasn't gone viral. As you'll see, this determined pup keeps jumping... and jumping... and jumping, all in an effort to sink her teeth into her favorite food. Check it out.

How cute was her little head popping up, trying to get high enough to grab that pizza? She's one very impressive, persistent little pup! People were thrilled that she actually succeeded in her mission. One commenter, @nicolawalsh43 said, "Determination pays off 🥰." And @Jazzy the fashion doodle added, "She’s no quitter!! 😂." @Shelby, the dog's owner, jumped into the comments and let everyone know the pup has been trying this stunt for 2 years! She explained, "Nearly 2 years!!! We don’t allow her to do it anymore, but said we’d let her have another go. It’s her fave thing to do 😅😂, little love."

This sweet gal certainly deserves all the pizza from here on out, given how hard she worked to get it! We sure hope that since mom won't let her jump for it anymore that she'll at least bring a few bites down to her level. And perhaps Little Caesars should send a free pizza her way? (Couldn't hurt.)

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