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Dog Comes Home From the Vet With a Cool New Trick and Mom Is Just Delighted

Who ever said an old dog can't learn a new trick has never taken them to the vet! Apparently that's the new school for dogs! Well, it is for one 10-year-old pup on TikTok. The dog's mom posted a clip with the caption, "We left her there for surgery, and she came back with a new trick. I swear she was caged next to a Husky." Uh-oh! That can only mean one thing - howling.

User @harmonkillee shared the clip yesterday and it now has over 698.1K views and 181K likes. Her dog is sitting in the car ready to show off what she learned. The dog lets out an adorable howl that has her mom so surprised, and her reaction is adorable!

Both the mom and the pup were SO proud! @Bubbles said, “Mom look what I learned! ooooo~." @Julia Wolf commented, "She's like, damn, I can do that." The mom responded, "I think she surprised herself haha." She also wrote in the comments that she always tried to get her dog to howl, but it never stuck. "I guess she needed a real dog demonstration," she wrote. And what an amazing teacher because that is one great howl! "Omg they sound like a Husky howling mixed w a cat purring 😭," commented @Payson. Maybe this dog learned from two animals at the vet?! 

She's probably been waiting her whole life to let you know what she was thinking! We'll listen to her whenever she wants! "She sounds beautiful. When is she dropping the album," asked @Summer. She should bring in her teachers and get a band going! A new playlist for the vet's office? We just can't get enough of this cute pup.

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