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Dog Who Looks Exactly Like a Bat Has Stolen the Internet's Heart

One rescue dog in Arkansas is making headlines this week, all because of her unique appearance! The pup turned up at the North Little Rock Animal Shelter, and after her photo was shared in a Facebook group, people immediately started noticing her resemblance to a bat.

Word quickly spread across social media, and now she's becoming a star in her own right! This little girl has her very own Instagram account, @iambatthedog, and as you'll see in this photo, she really does look exactly like a bat, which is why she was affectionately named "Bat."

She's becoming quite the little superstar thanks to her Internet popularity! In addition to Instagram, Bat has a Reddit account, too.

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Believe it or not, it's actually the power of social media that led to a very happy ending to her story. The shelter announced that Bat had been adopted on February 8th, by a couple named Rob and Torie Winningham. As Rob explained to THV11 Arkansas, My wife Torie and I live in the local Little Rock area and are dog and animal fanatics. We have multiple rescued pups and are always on the lookout for shelter animals. We've been out of the market for years since moving to Arkansas, until I stumbled upon a picture of the most bizarre, adorable dog I'd ever seen! It was on a Facebook group called "Toofers," which has amusing pictures of dogs across the country. When I noticed the location, I had to stop everything and learn more."

After sending the link to Torie, the couple quickly realized they wanted to meet her, so they headed straight for the shelter. After their arrival, it was made apparent that there were several other people interested in Bat, so they got the adoption process rolling right away. 

Bat is settling in nicely at her new home, and Rob added, "Our dogs were ecstatic to have a new member! Even our two cats quickly embraced Bat as one of the pack."

How wonderful that this sweet girl's quirky little face is what ultimately led to her finding her forever home. Hopefully, her story will help raise awareness about just how many wonderful, adoptable animals are sitting in shelters waiting for their happy ending, too.

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