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People Think This Dog Looks Exactly Like Will Ferrell

They say that as time goes on, owners and their dogs start to look alike. But what about dogs that happen to look like celebrities? DJ Square (@thomasthesquare), the owner of a Doodle shared a photo of his dog to Twitter, and apparently people think the dog looks exactly like Will Ferrell.

After taking a look at the image, we can totally see it -- and now it's almost impossible to look at this dog's face and not see Will staring right back.

Do you see the resemblance? We think it's pretty uncanny! Here's a picture of Will for reference.

Will Ferrell

People are putting their opinions about the pup's appearance in the comments, and the consensus is that she's a doppleganger for Ferrell. One commenter, @catymogo pointed out that it's the eyes that are what make the dog look human. But most people agree it's not just a human resemblance but Ferrell for sure! DJ square even followed up and joked that he's giving the pup a fitting nickname, saying, "Her new name is Anchorpup."

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Apparently dogs looking like celebs is a thing, based on this reply to the original photo, which was submitted by another Twitter user.

OMG. The Jonah Hill one. Spot on!

We wonder what Will Ferrell himself would have to say about the dog being his twin? Odds are good that he'd have an absolutely perfect response. 

Something like this, perhaps?

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