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Widow Believes She Caught Her Late Husband's Spirit Playing With the Dog

It's been said that animals are more sensitive to the spirit world than human beings, and one widow just had the shock of her life after she seemingly caught her dog playing with her late husband in her bedroom. She shared the video on her TikTok account, @jodyobrien73, and the text treatment on the clip reads, "When your husband who has passed comes back to play with his dog."

With 1.4 million views, the video is gaining a lot of attention. The woman who filmed it is listening to her dog while she's in the tub in her bathroom. As you're watching it, you'll hear her say, "Charlie's playing with someone in my room." 

Um, it was totally obvious that Charlie was indeed playing with someone, and when he ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs, it's like he was looking for that person, or something. Granted, there are a bunch of different possibilities of what might have been taking place, here, but if playing in the bedroom was something this dog did with his dad on the regular, it's hard not to wonder if there's something other-worldly going on.

Some commenters were focused on the dog that was in the bathroom with her. @Sweetness said, "Your other dog said, 'I'm not going in there.😳'" And @Scott added, "Jack Russell knows something is wrong." Plenty of other TikTok users said they were concerned for this woman and weren't happy with the energy in the video, especially because of the dog in the bathroom's reaction.

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But then there was @sammyhamms, who thinks that the dog's demeanor means he's ok with what's happening: "Your other dog is so calm and comfortable, like something is familiar ❤️." And @Brittany noted, "Oh he's definitely playing with someone, this is exactly how it sounds when my husband plays around with our dog 🥺."

When one commenter asked if she's had any other activity in the house, she replied with, "Lots." 

So, maybe this truly is an instance of her husband coming back to check in on her and reassure the pups that he's watching from above? Whatever the case, it's clear that both of those dogs are committed to being loving, loyal protectors to her every single day.

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