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Dog Caught Relaxing at Local Starbucks Like He Owns the Joint

Plenty of people can't get through the day without having their Starbucks fix, and the coffee chain is so popular, apparently dogs can't resist it either. After a video surfaced of a dog chilling outside at Starbucks, lying on his back without a care in the world, whoever is in charge of marketing at the company might want to think about switching to a canine mascot.

The video of this cool-as-a-cucumber pup was shared to TikTok, and people are so delighted with his relaxed attitude, the clip has over 175,000 likes. The user who uploaded it, @di__p, simply captioned it with, "#starbucks -- pure thrill." Honestly, no further caption is needed. Could this guy be any more chill?

Dude is livin' his best life, and we're here for it. How priceless is that smile on his face? It's tough to tell whether the pup belongs to the person who shot the video, if he was accompanying someone at one of the tables next to him, or if he just wandered in there on his own and thought, "This looks like an ideal spot for an afternoon nap, so I'm just gonna plop right down right here."

TikTok users who saw the video are just as delighted with this guy as we are. @Vicki Richardson commented on the pup's addiction to Starbucks, saying, "Man... That dude really needs his coffee with extra shots pronto! So funny🥰." A woman named April added, "This is awesome! What a great place to take a little snooze 😂." Another commenter, @Hedy Corinne was all set to curl up next to this guy, saying, "Omg, I would be on the floor with that dog hahah so cute."

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But perhaps the best comment came from @cfontenova: "Just exposing himself to the entire restaurant. Who else can get away with that?" LOL. Very true! 

We can't help but wonder if hanging out at Starbucks is a regular occurrence for this pup. If so, this particular location probably shouldn't be surprised if their business doubles or even triples!

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