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Dog Stuck on Mountain Cliff for Days As Rescuers Try to Save Her

Fox 10 News in Phoenix is sharing the story of a dramatic dog rescue that caused an entire community to rally together. 'Goldie,' a Yellow Labrador mix, was recently out exploring Sugar Loaf Mountain in Arizona with her owner when she chased after some javelinas and never returned. The owner wasn't sure what became of her until people in the area wound up spotting her on a cliff and called the Yavapai Humane Trappers Animal Search and Rescue

Katrina Karr, the president of the rescue organization, told Fox 10 that after getting so many calls about the dog, they decided to put a post on Facebook to see if her owner would potentially recognize her. Karr explains, "The post went viral. I mean, it was shared all over the place. We were getting hundreds and hundreds of messages from people that had the experience and wanted to help, and it was amazing." Thankfully, Goldie's owner, Robert, did see the post and recognized his pup.

Those images of her on that ledge are so scary! Her owner must have been devastated after being unable to find her. As Karr recalled, "Goldie and their other dog took off after some javelinas and then like an hour after that, their other dog came back but Goldie didn’t. She just got stuck up there and was scared to come back down." 

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Rescuers were even forced to leave the pup on the cliff overnight after they ran out of daylight. This was undoubtedly such a tough ordeal not only for Goldie, but for her owner, the Yavapai Humane Trappers, and everyone in the community who was following the dramatic rescue. Everyone is truly thankful that Goldie's story had a happy ending! You can hear more about the dramatic rescue in the full Fox 10 report.

It's always heartwarming to hear about a community rallying together to save a life. Welcome back home, Goldie!

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