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Dog Saved From Death by Uber Driver Has the Most Fitting Adoption Story

A little dog in Kentucky is finally getting the happy ending he deserves after being left for dead on the side of the road. "Travolta," as he's so affectionately named, was picked up by a kind Uber driver who spotted him back in January and knew he needed help. The pup was taken to the Louisville Animal Shelter, where it was discovered that he not only had infections, but he was also suffering from starvation.

His life was saved by veterinarian, Dr. Emily Bewley, and she fell so in love with this little guy that she decided to make him part of her family. The Kentucky Humane Society made a special Valentine's Day Facebook Live video in honor of Travolta's adoption. 

Aww. "He's my Valentine today." He just looks so happy to be in her arms! And how about their matching outfits? It's so fitting that Travolta's adoption was made official on Valentine's Day since it's a day that's all about love.

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And just look at this sweet photo of Travolta and his new mom.

It's pretty clear that the two of them were destined to be together forever! Travolta will also no doubt love having many new siblings, in the form of dogs, cats, and humans! It's a full household over at the Bewley's, which is exactly where this lovable guy belongs. 

Welcome home, Travolta!

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