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Dog Tries to Share Stuffed Toy With Newborn Baby During Their First Meeting

You have to wonder what goes through dogs' brains when they first meet a newborn baby, especially if it's the first child in the family. Some of them immediately take on a protector role, but apparently other dogs think the little arrival is a new friend for them to play with. Such was the case for one Golden Retriever, who couldn't resist trying to show his newborn human sibling his toy monkey.

The video of the pup was shared on Reddit and has 16,000 upvotes and over 150 comments. In the clip, you'll see the dog walking around the baby, who is peacefully sleeping in his carrier. The pup has the stuffed monkey in his mouth, and he's just so proud to be showing it off! 

How incredibly sweet is this?! The pup actually seems kind of puzzled as to why the baby isn't reacting to the monkey. Plenty of people couldn't resist leaving comments on this sweet video. One Reddit user, @Sierra117 noted, "His body language screams, 'I am very confused but I think I love this child.'" Haha, so true! Another commenter, @open_n_uffda said, "He's doing the cutest, delicate butt wiggle! 'Must be gentle near the human puppy.'" And then there was @whipsa55, who added, "He’s excited to meet his forever best friend." Aww, he truly is!

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As time goes on, there's no doubt these two will be happily playing with that stuffed monkey together. And much to the Golden's delight, baby will get much more interactive and interested in all toys, stuffed and un-stuffed, as the two of them grow up together! 

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