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Video of Goofy Dog Sliding Down Snowy Hill Is Perfection

LOL. Dogs can be such goofballs sometimes, which is just one of the many things we absolutely love about them. And after seeing this video of a Golden Retriever enjoying a chilly morning slide down a snowy hill, you'll immediately forget anything that might be stressing you out at the current moment.

It was shared on TikTok by @waffles_the_dog1, and with 1.4 million views, it's clear that the clip is making everyone's day. It would be funny enough to just see a dog sliding around in the snow, but it's the pure delight on Waffles' face that makes this video a true gem.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all have a day like Waffles is having? She's just so content with what's she's doing, and she was so proud of herself when she got the slide going just right.

Fans jumped right into the comments to voice their approval of Waffles' sliding skills, with @Mellr Media saying, "10 out of 10 perfect slide." @weratedogs agreed, adding, "Great form. 13/10, she must be watching the winter olympics." Plenty of people said they couldn't get enough of the clip and think that Waffles is about as cute as it gets.

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A couple of people also pointed out that the beeping sound of the truck backing up heard in the background couldn't have come at a more optimal time. Waffles was right on cue.

Waffles' owner also replied to one commenter, letting them know that this is how Waffles starts her day every day. 

The snow might not stick around forever, but this sweet girl seems resourceful enough to find other ways to stay entertained no matter what the season might be. Who else would love to see her jump into a pool once summer rolls around?

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