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Golden Retriever Tries to Steal Food Straight Out of a Guy's Grocery Bag

Any regular Trader Joe's shopper will tell you that the groceries there are pretty tough to resist, even for non-humans. Just wait until you get a load of this Golden Retriever who got caught trying to steal hamburger buns straight out of a guy's Trader Joe's bag as he passed the dude on the street.

The video was shared on TikTok by, and it currently has over 1.3 million views. In the clip, you'll see the guy and the dog's owner trying in vain to get the Golden to give up the bag of burgers, but the hungry pup just doesn't want to budge.

LOL! There's no way he was giving in and letting go of that bag! It's too bad the entire encounter wasn't caught on video. It would've been hilarious to see him actually grab the package of buns out of the Trader Joe's bag. 

Commenters are having a field day with this one, as you can imagine. @TheCRAW said, "The dog may not know you, but He would like to get to know you… Over dinner!" And @vweathers1 couldn't get enough, adding, "This is absolutely one of the best doggie videos on TikTok! Love it and can’t stop laughing! Thanks!"

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Plenty of people thought the guy should just give up the bag and let the pup have the buns, given his determination and all. One TikTok user, @Michelle Sena suggested at least letting him have a taste, saying, "Why not just take out one and give it to him 🥺." (We second that!)

Then there's @Aimee, who said what we're all thinking after seeing this clip: "So what happened after?? Hahahaha we need updates!!"

Yes. Yes, we do! 

If this dog's owner is smart, she'll pick up a pack of buns the next time she's at the store to offer as special treat. That is, if the pup can manage to walk home without raiding people's bags!

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