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Dog Catches Two Birds Fighting and Intervenes Like a Concerned Parent

Oftentimes, Pit Bulls get a bad reputation for being aggressive or mean dogs, but that isn't the case for most, especially if they are properly cared for. Many Pitties are known for being snuggle bugs and showing their owners lots of love. In a recent video posted to Reddit, one Pit Bull is now being looked at as a peace keeper. 

Reddit user @Witty_Operation2486 posted a clip of two birds fighting with each other that brought in over 23.7K likes. Out of nowhere, a dog comes running to disrupt the argument. Some are calling this dog the "Peaceful Pittie" for his efforts in stopping these birds. It's like he's a parent breaking up a fight between two kids! 

Do you think keeping these fighting birds apart is harder than children?! At least with kids, they give up pretty easily, but these birds wouldn't quit! The pup was trying so hard to keep them apart, shoving his body in between them. “Guys come on we can talk about this... guys, GUYS, please! Nope, not gonna let you do it," wrote @Standard_Isopod3875. And @heyitsvonage added, "GUYS, C’MON! YOU’RE FAMILY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” Who knows what would have happened if this good doggo didn't jump in! 

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"Dog be like: 'Settle down guys. Don't bring the heat here. But meet in the parking lot after midnight,'" commented @Marketsaurelio8. This made us LOL because those two birds probably did keep fighting! Even after the Pit jumped in, they were going at it with each other! The pup kept his composure and didn't give up on separating the birds.  

Seriously, this is one good doggo! He didn't even have to get involved, but he wanted to! Sound familiar to anyone? @Squirrely_Coyote_576 said, "We all have that one friend who tries to get everyone to get along." And we appreciate those friends! Where would we be without them?! 

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