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Dog Thinks His Ball Is a Bath Bomb and We Don't Whether to Laugh or Cry

Aww. It's hard for dogs to understand why things don't quite go their way sometimes. That was most definitely the case for a little pup who watched his mom throw a brightly-colored bath bomb into the tub. He was so delighted with seeing the colors explode into the water, so much so, that he wanted to try it himself.

The video of the dog was shared on TikTok by @terrywidows, and with over 3 million views, it's not surprising that it's gaining in popularity. Watch what happens after mom drops the bath bomb into the tub.

The poor thing! He thought his toy ball was going to burst into colors just like the bath bomb. Naturally, people have feelings about this clip. Some think it's over-the-top funny, while others feel so sorry for the little pooch. @Arlo said, "I wish there were dog-safe bath bombs so dogs could join in the fun of dumping them in." (Million-dollar idea for sure.)

Another commenter, @laura noted, "Idk if I should laugh or cry. This is so adorable but I feel so bad for him 😩." And @Haylo felt the same way, saying, "I really feel bad for the dog." At least one TikTok user thought the dog deserved his own bath bomb, too. @hey said, "The dog is like whaaaa? Excuse me, why you laughing.? GO GET ME A. NEW ONE 👿."

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It really is too bad that this pup couldn't join in on the fun, but hopefully, his owner treated him to a nice game of fetch after her bath. That's the least that could happen after tricking this disappointed guy!

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