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Dog's Overly Dramatic Reaction to Trying a Lemon Deserves an Oscar

Have you ever seen videos of babies trying lemons for the first time? They're pretty darn hysterical, what with the faces they make after getting the unsuspecting tart flavor. Well, apparently dogs are no different when it comes to having a distaste for the citrus fruit.

A video that was shared on TikTok by @golden_goose7 is going viral all because of a Golden Retriever's hilarious reaction to inspecting, sniffing, and ultimately tasting a sour lemon. People can't get enough of the pup's dramatic reaction, which seriously deserves an Oscar or some other sort of award.

OMG! When he plopped down on the floor like he couldn't believe the horror he'd just encountered, it was totally priceless! One viewer of the clip, @Tami Tomey exclaimed, "He's so extra!" Oh man. He totally is. And @claudia sosa added, "The theatrics is just beyond!! 😳😅🥰." Another commenter, @MichelleBGood67 had the perfect response to this pup's performance, saying, "Golden lab needs a Golden Globe 😂🥰."

This video really is such a classic, and it certainly put a smile on a lot of people's faces. @Lisa Tegge Reid summed it up perfectly, saying, "Best video ever!!! Thanks for putting me in my feels this morning 😌."

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If only this sweet, lovable guy knew just how happy he's making everyone by doing something so funny and simple. Who else would love to see more taste tests from this funny dog going forward? With over a million views on this clip, there's no doubt his follow-up performances would be just as wildly popular!

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