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Dog Cries With Frustration Because He Can't Reach a French Fry

Ah, fast food. It might not be the healthiest thing out there, but man, we can't resist it. And apparently animals are no different, as is evident from this TikTok video of a Golden Retriever trying to reach a French fry that had fallen onto the back seat of the car.

The clip was posted by @dailymail, and it shows the Golden, who is riding in the trunk area of an SUV, attempting to crawl over the back part of the seats to reach a French fry that's managed to escape the fast food bag. He just can't quite get to it, which has him crying and whining out of sheer frustration. It's hilarious, adorable, and just so relatable.

All we can say is, "We feel you, dude!" It's so funny how he's whimpering and staring at his mom in the front seat like, "MA! THE FRENCH FRIES!" And it's so great how his pleas for help get so much more vocal towards the end of the clip. "PLEEEASSSSSE, MOM! I NEED DA FRY!"

TikTok users are getting such a kick out of this one, and plenty of them are totally feeling the dog's pain and think that mom should pull the car over and give him what he wants. @Amber Garcia said, "Stop the car and him the French fry right now!" @Kristina_kat_nicole chimed in with, "For goodness sake pull that car over for a French fry retrieval. Immediately!! 🥺." And @Interesting Human felt especially bad for the pup, adding, "Please tell me that he got an entire order of fries after this video 🥺." @Werner HeisenbergWW echoed that sentiment with, "You owe him a whole batch of fries, easily could’ve pulled over 😏."

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There's no way to know whether this sweet pup wound up getting the fry or not, but something tells us his mom probably gave in after the car was stopped. How could anyone resist this precious, hungry boy? (We sure wouldn't be able to.)

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