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Dog Patiently Waits for Dad to Say Blessing Before Eating His Meal

When it comes to mealtime, some dogs are a lot more patient than others in terms of how fast they gobble up their food. But just wait until you get a load of this Border Collie who waits for his dad to say the blessing before digging into his kibble. If the video of this pup doesn't make you say, "Bless his heart," then nothing will. Trust us.

The video was shared to the @cutedogzonly channel on TikTok, and it seriously might be one of the most adorable things we've ever seen. In the clip, the dog hops up to the table and proceeds to hold his dad's hand while the blessing is said. It's nothing short of precious.

Can you even? If him sitting there holding hands with his dad and waiting for him to finish the blessing wasn't sweet enough, then the polite manner in which he began to eat makes this video even more heartwarming. We learned that his name is Willy at the end of the clip, and it's not an understatement to say that Willy is better behaved at the table than most kids (and adults, for that matter)!

Naturally, TikTok users are going bananas for this one because why wouldn't they? It's simply irresistible, if you ask us. There are plenty of comments about how sweet Willy is, and so many people are pointing out what a good boy he is! Everyone is indeed falling for this pup. @Starz_Bella said, "Omg, I’m in love 🥰." And @Gabriella added, "Never tell him he's a dog. He's precious." Another commenter, @lanaleakizilarslan  gave a good indication of how we're all feeling about this video, saying, "Sweetest thing I’ve seen all day 🙏💕."

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We sure hope that Willy is given extra treats after each meal, given what a well-behaved, perfectly mannered boy he is. Most humans could learn a thing or two from him about taking a moment to be grateful for all that they have.

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