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Dog Immediately Wakes From Being Sound Asleep the Minute Mom Says 'Squirrel'

Dogs love to chase squirrels around, there is no denying that. There must be some thrill to it, but it's something we will never understand! And when our four-legged friends aren't looking in the trees for squirrels, they're for sure dreaming about running after them. Just don't try and confuse or disappoint your dreaming pup! 

A hilarious TikTok video posted by @kittybounce6921, which has brought in over 793K views, shows one sleepy Pit Bull resting next to momma. The pup is in a deep sleep, and you can softly hear him snoring the night away. Right before the video ends, his mom ever so quietly whispers 'squirrel.' Just wait to see how he reacts. It's priceless! 

"I watched it 17 times already 🙂😭😭😭😭," wrote @Ray. We couldn't stop watching either! Have you ever seen a dog wake up so quickly?! This guy shot up from the couch, eyes wide open and ready to catch the so-called squirrel. @Heather Francis commented, "He was ready! He don't play around with squirrels lol." He was probably so upset when there weren't any squirrels. Poor pup! 

"He woke up like he hit the snooze alarm one too many times and is late for work!" said @Luis D. Guzman, and @Erin Hartigan573 added, "Not the full twist😂😂." He really did check all his surroundings before making a move! @SJC said, "Thats me when someone says snacks." That's us whenever we see food coming at a restaurant or when we're hangry.   

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This pup's mom informed everyone that he unfortunately has not caught a squirrel yet, but he loves trying to chase them! Other viewers asked if this is the only word he gets up for, but so far, this quick reaction is reserved only for 'squirrel.' 

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