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Dog Who Walks on Hind Legs Like a Human Is the Definition of Resiliency

We could all use a good lesson in resiliency once in a while, and this dog who walks on his hind legs after a terrible accident is pretty much the definition of the word. According to @dexterdogouray's TikTok bio, he was seriously injured and required surgery, and now he only has two fully working legs. His parents credit his veterinarian with saving his life.

Odds are good that they probably didn't expect this brave boy to walk again, but somehow, he figured out how to get up and walk on his two hind legs so he can move around almost as good as he used to. Judging by the videos his parents share, everyone who meets him is so inspired by his determination. 

Can you even imagine how amazing it must be to run into Dexter in person? What an incredible dog! TikTok users are just so impressed, humbled, and amazed by him. @sami jean summed up all of our thoughts on this video: "Love him so much, hope we cross paths one day!! 🥰❤️."

Here's another clip of Dexter in action, this time, cruising through the airport. You can hear just how much he stops people in their tracks.

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If anything, Dexter serves as such an important reminder that anything is possible if only we have the will and perseverance to push through the challenges we encounter in life. If this sweet boy can figure out how to get back up again after such a traumatic experience, certainly we can learn to navigate our tough times, too.

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