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Dog Watches 'Ozark' With an Unmatched Level of Intensity

Netflix has more than its fair share of fantastic shows to binge watch. And after seeing a TikTok video of a Golden Retriever watching Ozark on the couch with his family, it's pretty apparent that some programs are more intense than others, especially when it comes to our four-legged friends!

The video, which was shared by @enzotopato, currently has 2 million views and counting, and it starts off with an episode of Ozark playing on the TV. Then, the camera pans over to the dog, who is intently focused on screen while cuddling his stuffed animal for comfort. And the look on his face? It's beyond priceless. 

What a sweet baby! It's a little tough to tell whether he's terrified, worried, or just really into what's happening in the scene. Whatever the case may be, people are flipping out over the cuteness, though they're pretty divided as to what's going on in his head.

Some of the commenters can relate to the pup since they're Ozark fans, too. @Adam Christman, Veterinarian said, "My exact reaction during that scene and every scene 😂." And @chantelversace1 added, "Yes that's me watching it. I know how he's feeling!" Then @cinka70 chimed in with, "That's how I watch Ozark too 🤣🤣 Freaking insane."

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Warning: Spoiler alert! TikTok user Dan Peoples said, "Wait until he sees episode 6 when Javier Navarro meets the attorney and the attorney’s DOG!"

While plenty of people thought the dog was totally into the show, others felt bad for him and were concerned that he was downright scared. @Roxytel09 noted, "Oh my, he is terrified." And @lisajohannsen912 was also worried, saying, "Poor baby, is he scared?"

We highly doubt this guy's pet parents would subject him to watching Ozark if he were truly terrified, so let's go ahead and give our vote to, "That dog is 100% invested in his favorite Netflix show." What a cutie.

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