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Dogs Argue Like an Old Married Couple and We Can't Stop Laughing

Every couple argues. Friends fight. Siblings fight. Fighting is totally normal! Most of the time, you can't call a fight cute, but there are some situations when you can't help but laugh. Add a couple of dogs into the mix, and total hilarity ensues. TikTok user @kindandspiritted posted a video of two Corgis loudly arguing that has us wondering, what did one of them do to escalate the situation?!

The two Corgis are first seen sitting with their backs against each other with their mouths open like they're ready to throw some words at each other. The video labels the Corgi on the couch as the wife and the one on the ground as the husband. Within seconds, the two are going at it, just like an old married couple! Check it out and see who had the last word! 

They both were barking with all their might as you see their entire little bodies moving with each yell! And just when you think they settled down, the wife had to interject one last time! Ha! Sound familiar to anyone? 

Users are flooding the comment section because this is so relatable to all! "If he spoke to me like that he’d be out!! 😂," laughed TikTok user @Joolz. The husband definitely looks like he's on thin ice. He'd better be careful or he'll wind up sleeping on the couch! Another commenter, @Remyd69 added, "They always get the last word and you will wind up in the dog house for sure 😳."

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But maybe these two should take the advise of @Bishop0100, who commented, "They definitely need counseling 😂." Ha! Maybe one or two sessions couldn't hurt.

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