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300 Dogs and Cats Rescued From Afghanistan to Be Placed for Adoption

When U.S. troops left Afghanistan back in August, people were so saddened by how many animals were left behind to fend for themselves. Images of dogs left behind in crates were nothing short of heartbreaking, but thankfully, there are some incredible individuals who refused to give up on helping bring them to safety. And just last week, 300 dogs and cats were rescued from Afghanistan and flown to Vancouver, Canada.

Kabul Small Animal Rescue had been caring for 171 dogs and 146 cats, and the rescue group, No Dogs Left Behind, flew them out of Kabul on a plane that was chartered by SPCA International. A video of the rescue was posted on the No Dogs Left Behind Facebook page.

In August, charter planes were not permitted to land at Kabul Airport, and it took the group months to get the permission necessary to do so. The journey from Kabul to Vancouver took three days for the animals, and now that they're safe and sound, they're getting the help and medical care they need so that they can go on to find their very own forever homes.

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This video from the transport was also shared to the group's Instagram page.

The group indicated that 19 dogs were already taken to Toronto to begin the process and should be up for adoption soon after completing their medical checks.

On their website, No Dogs Left Behind has many different ways that people can support them so that they can get more dogs from Afghanistan and other areas of the world to safety. Whether it's through fostering, adoption, volunteering, fostering a dog, or a monetary donation, there are several different ways to get involved and help animals in need.

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