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Dogs Teach Baby How to Play Fetch in Adorable Video

It can sometimes take a little while for the family dogs to adjust to a new baby and vice versa, but once everyone settles in, they often wind up being the best of friends! This seems to be the case with a pair of pups who taught their human baby sibling how to play fetch with a small ball.

The video of the fetch training session was uploaded to Reddit by @u/westcoastcdn19, and it already has over 450 comments from users who are delighted with the interaction between the baby and dogs. In the clip, you'll see the tiny tot trying to figure out what to do with the ball while one of the pups encourages the infant.

Aww! The Sheltie was so patient with the baby, almost as if to say, "You've got it, little one!" Granted, the other dog in the video had a little more of a "let's get this show on the road" attitude, but still seemed to be having fun with the baby, nonetheless.

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Reddit users are equally as impressed with the Sheltie's patience. When @dokjreko commented, "The dog is so patient with the little one," @ImGrumps responded with, "When the baby had a little fall down and the dog brought it closer. My heart!" And @SamAreAye had an idea of what was going through the pup's head, saying, "I can almost hear the dog, 'C'mon little guy, just a little more reach and you'll get it.'"

Another Reddit user, @Heartless_Tom, commented on the dog's breed: "Shetland Sheepdogs, or Shelties, are a very smart dogs and absolutely love children."

The ending of the video was the best, when the other dog came in and took the ball and walked away and the Sheltie tried to get it back for the baby. These pups have already proved themselves to be dedicated teachers and perfect playmates for this child. Their bond will only get stronger as the little one grows up, which must be so heartwarming for the parents!

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