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Drew Barrymore's Tiny Dog Influencer BFF Is Stealing Hearts

It's no big secret that Drew Barrymore is a known animal lover, but apparently she's best buds with "one of the biggest influencers in the world," who just so happens to come in the form of a teeny-tiny pup named "Tika the Iggy." If you've never heard of her, Tika is a famous fashion model in the canine world, and with 1.1 million Instagram followers, she's clearly leaving her mark on the industry!

Drew shared a video on her Instagram page earlier today, and she introduced everyone who hasn't yet met Tika to the extraordinary little dog. The two of them teamed up at Christian Siriano's New York Fashion Week show. Get ready to fall head over heels in love with this sweet gal. The dog, not Drew. (Though we love Drew, too.)

How fabulous is this pup? Her wardrobe is better than 99.9 percent of the human population, let alone canine. Drew's followers are all buzzing about just how fabulous this pup is, and they're letting her know in the comments. "Tika" left the sweetest comment on Drew's post, too: "I ADORE you! Thank you for being a friend ❤️."

Here's some more footage of Tika from Fashion Week. Girl is a total pro.

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And here's a clip from when Tika appeared on Drew's show back in January.

Man. To say this pup is livin' the life is the understatement of the year. Strutting her stuff on the runway, rubbing elbows with celebrities, appearing on national TV, getting invited to all the best parties during Fashion Week... she's doing it all! No matter what comes next for this pint-sized cutie, she'll surely make a lasting impression.

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