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Duck Gets Her First Taste of McDonald's and People Are Here for It

Plenty of humans love getting their favorite fast food fix, but have you ever seen a duck that enjoys taking trips to different chains? Just wait until you meet "Munchkin," a duck who's quickly becoming a sensation on TikTok for her visits to various restaurants with her mom. In one of her latest videos, she's seen trying McDonald's for the first time.

The video was shared on the @dunkin.ducks TikTok account, and it has 3.7 million views. In the clip, you'll see this adorable little white duck having her very first taste of a drink from McDonald's. It's impossible not to smile at the way she laps it up with her little beak.

The creator of the video left a little disclaimer in the comments: "If you’re new here, Munchkin has ice water preferences. There is some she won’t even drink. Yes, we know it’s just water 😉." One commenter, @ember dragon thought that McD's would be very pleased with Munchkin's reaction, saying, "Now that is what you called a satisfied customer 😂." And @StaleCrayon suggested to keep the fast food taste tests going: "You should try Taco Bell!!" The overall consensus in the comments, however, is that we're all totally obsessed with this sweet gal.

She's just too funny with her fine tastes in ice water! Here's another clip of her enjoying a cool cup from Dunkin' Donuts.

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She even crunches on the ice! 

Munchkin isn't the only duck in the creator's care, as she has several webbed-footed friends she also features in videos. 

Clearly, this is one proud mama who is dedicated to spreading the word about what wonderful pets ducks make, and she also encourages people to seek out rescue ducks who are in need of loving homes. 

We're looking forward to keeping up with Munchkin's adventures and can't wait to see where her next taste test will be!

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