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Video of Ducks Walking on Top of a Sun Shade Absolutely Delights the Internet

Isn't it crazy how sometimes, something so simple can bring you so much joy? That's most definitely the case with a viral TikTok video that shows -- wait for it -- ducks landing on top of a sun shade and their little webbed feet being visible to the people below. 

This is seriously one of those things you just have to see in order to appreciate the cuteness. While the video, which was uploaded by @fearsupply, doesn't indicate where the footage was taken, clearly it's somewhere warm and inviting. With 6.8 million views and counting, people can't get enough of these precious duck feet waddling the day away.

Can you even? I mean, how incredibly sweet is it to see those webbed feet walking around on the shade? Everyone who was hanging out under the shade must've found it impossible not to look up. TikTok users are loving the clip and were quick to leave comments and reactions. One commenter, @Willow Rolin wanted more, saying, "WHERE IS THE TIPPY TAP SOUNDS I AM BEGGING YOU WITH MY SOUL GIMME THE TIPPY TAP." Ha! The tippy tap would've been cute for sure.

Another TikTok user, @kenyathehippie said, "It's giving the map from Harry Potter." Then there was @Ashley McHugh, who joked, "This is the premium content Netflix needs to screen for me to pay the rate hike." (Um, seriously.) And @Alex Malone added, "This would give me a will to live daily. I need to live there." You have to admit, it is pretty darn adorable. It's so cute, in fact, that we aren't ashamed of the fact that we've already watched it about 10 times by now. (BRB, gonna go check it out once again.)

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