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Shelter Creates 'Bucket List' to Help Dying Dog Enjoy His Final Days

Welp? Get ready to have a good cry, whether you're prepared for it or not. Because after hearing about a South Carolina rescue shelter that is helping a terminally ill dog named Teddy live out his bucket list during his final days, you won't be able to stop the floodgates.

The little pup was abandoned at the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, where staff quickly discovered a mass on his back end that turned out to be terminal cancer. While they were beyond heartbroken to find out that Teddy's days are numbered, these kind people are determined to make sure the time he feels special and loved during the time he has left. They've created a bucket list of activities for him, and they're documenting his final adventures.

Teddy's story is so heartbreaking yet so inspiring at the same time. You can tell from his face in the images shown in the video that he's truly enjoying every moment with the wonderful people who are caring for him.

Just look at this precious little guy enjoying the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel!

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Such a sweet boy, taking in the views!

And here he is visiting the North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and the North Myrtle Beach Police.

That image of him standing in front of the firehouse pole is just the sweetest. It really does prove that his name couldn't be more fitting, as he looks exactly like a stuffed Teddy Bear.

While it's devastating that Teddy's time on this earth isn't much longer, it's also wonderful to know that he's in the care of people who are showing him unconditional love before he passes on, which is something every animal more than deserves. 

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