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Dog Reunites With Rescuers Who Saved Her Life After a Fire in Heartwarming Video

A Washington, D.C. dog turned three on Tuesday, and her birthday party was a special occasion several months in the making. Miss. Charlie celebrated her third birthday with the men and women of D.C. Fire and EMS. In October 2021, Miss. Charlie was home alone for a brief stint, awaiting the return of her owners, Ann and Loren Sanders, who were out of the country.

While the Sanders were abroad, a kitchen fire broke out. Miss. Charlie was overcome by thick, black smoke when firefighters found her lying lifeless inside the home. After rescuing the pup from the blaze, firefighters handed Miss. Charlie off to the paramedic at the scene, Marcella Somuah.

Somuah recalled the event in some detail: "The dog was laying there lifeless. I cleared the airway out. I took all the soot out of her nose and I continued to give her oxygenation. Throughout the call, I was caressing her, making her familiar with me to let her know she’s in a safe place and she was getting the best care ever." The video of the reunion will bring you to tears.

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How wonderful to see them together again! Due to previous experience and good planning, D.C. firefighters are trained to use oxygen masks for animals and carry these devices with them on calls. Paramedic Somuah was determined to ensure Miss. Charlie's recovery: "I wanted to make sure that when I left the scene this dog was walking again. I put some water in my hand, I gave her some water, and she got up and started walking."

In Somouah's 24-year career with D.C. Fire and EMS, Miss. Charlie was the first dog she has ever rescued. After 4 days of recovery at Friendship Animal Hospital, Miss. Charlie was reunited with her owners. The Sanders are incredibly grateful to have their dog with them safe and sound, and we sure are, too!

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