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Dog Discovers Golden Retriever Trapped in Sinkhole and Firefighters Rush to Save Her

It's common knowledge that dogs have incredible senses of hearing and smell. Some estimates say their hearing is four times as sensitive as humans, and that their sense of smell is a whopping 40 times greater than ours. These keen sensing abilities are what allowed one dog in Streator, Illinois to lead the rescue of Macy, a lost Golden Retriever.

The owner says that, while walking in Marilla Park, their dog sensed something wrong and led them to a 5-foot-deep sinkhole. The owner immediately understood the situation: Macy was trapped at the bottom of the hole. The Retriever's owner later said that Macy had been missing for 24 hours.

The local fire department was notified, and Streator Fire Chief Fred McClellan and engineer Tim Red arrived on the scene shortly. They first attempted to get Macy out of the hole using a ladder, but, as an older dog, she was having trouble climbing. McClellan's next move was to climb into the whole himself and wrap some webbing around Macy.

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When McClellan first tried pulling the Retriever out with the webbing, the ground around the sinkhole began to crumble, forcing him to shuffle and regain his footing a few times. Luckily, Tim Red was standing by and was able to successfully hoist Macy the remainder of the distance to safety. The Golden Retriever was stunned at first but quickly regained composure when reunited with her owner, whom she proceeded to muddy up with hugs and kisses.

We love a story with a happy ending!

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