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Stray Dog Wanders Into Fire Station and Is Quickly Given a Job

When a new fire station had its grand opening ceremony, the last thing the firefighters expected was for a dog to wander in and crash the party. But that's exactly what happened at Florida's DeLand Fire Department Station 81 back in January, while they were giving tours of the new station. DeLand spokeswoman Ava Hanner told The Daytona Beach News-Journal that the pup "just kind of showed up," and she wound up catching him and handing him over to Animal Control.

Ultimately, the station decided that fate must have brought the dog to their door, and since no one claimed him, they're giving him a proper home. On Tuesday, the DeLand Fire Department shared an update to let their followers know that this pup is a stray no more. They decided to make Henry "Hank" DeLand a permanent resident, and they even gave him his very own job with the department!

As Hanner explained to the The Daytona Beach News-Journal, "The goal of getting a station dog is to provide the firefighters with some comfort and love during their long and often emotionally strenuous 24-hour shifts. Henry is sure to be loved and have plenty of people to play with and room to run around." How wonderful! It sure sounds like he picked the very best possible home for himself!

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Henry will be also reportedly be part of community events, like parades and school visits, so he's on his way to becoming a local superstar!

Hanner noted, "He just kind of chose us in a way." What a miracle that something led this dog directly to the place where he was meant to be all along. We wish him so much happiness in his new home! 

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